Charity Wrestling and BJJ Seminar this Weekend!

Charity Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu JItsu Seminar at Kyuzo

Here are some details on our Charity Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar coming this Saturday afternoon. We’d love to have as many newcomers to the grappling arts along as possible, and of course even those with experience are welcome to attend.

For Beginners to BJJ and Wrestling!

This is for total beginners to BJJ and Freestyle Wrestling and all proceeds go to, a charity that promotes awareness of mental health issues such as Depression and Bipolar Disorder, and provides the necessary support to those in need of it. It’s a particularly important charity to keep in mind over the Christmas. We’ll have a donation tub on the day so please give what you can afford when you come along. Our suggested donation is €10 for 3 hours but you may donate whatever you can afford.

We’ll also have a draw for a first prize of a custom Kyuzo Rashguard worth €50. The tickets cost €5 and we’ll make the draw at the end of the seminar. There’ll also be second and third place prizes of a Kyuzo tee shirt so bring along a few extra bob for a chance to win some great kit!

If you’d prefer not to train, but would still like to either contribute to the charity or even just view the seminar, you can of course come along and do that too.

For more information, call 083-4259066, or email

1.30pm- Introduction
1.45pm- Group Warm Up
2pm- Wrestling Games and Drills with Viktor and Laszlo
3pm- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Barry and Amanda
4pm- Grappling for MMA
4.30pm- Finish and Raffle Draw

Here’s looking forward to a great day!

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