Wednesday 21st March – Beginner and Advanced BJJ

7pm Beginner BJJ:  For the beginners class tonight we worked on establishing good control in mount, and once control is established moving on to submission.  Everybody reacts differently when they are mounted, some knee elbow escape, some upa and some even spaz out.  After seeing everyone’s different reactions and escapes, we worked on when and where to post and how to take away your opponents escape opportunities with good posture and control.  We also looked at making your opponent feel miserable under your mount with head and arm control. 

After drilling with different levels of pressure, we moved on to securing an armbar from mount after breaking down your opponents tight defence. Once everyone got comfortable with the movement to s-mount and the armbar we drilled intensively with the opponent upping the intensity so as to make life difficult for the guy in mount.  As always with submissions, everyone was enthusiastic and picked up each technique and applied them nicely.  Ten minutes of hard guard passing round to finish the class. 

Well done everyone, see you all for the 18:30 class on Friday.

8pm Advanced Jiu Jitsu:  In the advanced class, we rolled six minute rounds with one minutes rest in between.  Each person was given a specific technique or position to work on for the round making it extra hard.  Some toiled under heavy side control working their escapes, some worked to open and pass the guard and some worked from side control.  Each round was with a different sized or skilled opponent, some deliberate and heavy, some fast and explosive. 

Next up was rounds starting from open guard going to sweep or submission for the bottom guy or passing points for the top guy.  Then we rolled several rounds to submission before finishing off the night drilling DLR passing fifty times.  Great class!!

Entry is open for Grapplepalooza.  Just follow this link.

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