Wednesday 07th March – Beginner and Advanced BJJ


7pm Beginner BJJ:  Tonight was all about the takedown.  Working from the feet, getting good posture and establishing grips before then setting yourself up for the single leg.  We worked through three options to finish the takedown depending on your opponents reactions.  Everyone was enthuastic and picked up each technique quickly.  Guard passing drills to finish the class.  Really good to see everyone moving so well and passing the guard with good technique and pressure.

8pm Advanced Jiu Jitsu:  Gameplan and goal setting for the Irish Open on Saturday followed by competition drilling.  There’s a big team representing the club on Saturday and everyone is confident in the gameplans.  Finished off the class with several competitions rounds.

Let’s see everyone on the mats on Friday night at half six.

Couple on things to keep a look out for:

  • New timetable will be made available to all on Sunday.  No changes to current class times, but extra timeslots being allocated for open mat sessions.
  • James Hanley is running fitness bootcamps on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Check out Facebook for details.
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