Thursday Night Lights

Tonight and every Thursday night at Kyuzo we have three very different classes on the schedule.

6pm- Mixed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A class for all levels at the gym, this one is for those looking to get extra mat time in. Everyone from the rawest beginner to the most advanced student can be found at this session, learning new technique and rolling. A more informal session than other BJJ classes on the schedule.

7pm- MMA Striking for Beginners

One of our most popular classes, and also one of the few classes available on a pay as you go basis on our timetable. In this class you will learn how to strike effectively using the methods of the pros. Punches, kicks, knees, and elbows all play a part. Learn techniques utilised by the best strikers out there. And you’ll sweat! Oh boy will you sweat!

8pm- Bootcamp

This is the ultimate fitness camp (UFC?)… our coach Troy will take you through an intense workout using the escalating density method, a system proven to burn body fat, increase lean muscle, and get you in great shape. Come down tonight for a €10 trial with no contract or sign up required. Troy also offers dietary and nutritional support for no additional charge. Take control of your physique starting tonight!

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