The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alphabet- A is for Armlock

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Something occurred to us while we were thinking about recording some videos of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training…

No one ever records really simple, easy to understand videos. They always seem to post the new, cool, techniques that they’re practising. That’s great, but we thought we’d do something else. Videos of techniques that you’re more likely to learn when you’re starting out. Our aim is that these are simple to understand and to practice, but if you’ve any questions, you can use our Facebook page to comment and ask them. Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and we love getting feedback.

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So we’re going to do our alphabet to go through what we are grandly calling-

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alphabet of Beginner Technique That You Can Use Straight Away.

We should probably think about shortening that name. You will learn this and much more on our BJJ Beginner Course that is starting in a couple of weeks.

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So here’s our first video. Enjoy!

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