Summer Camp and Belt Test Report

Firstly, a massive thank you to all who attended this year’s Drysdale Jiu Jitsu Ireland Summer Camp and made it such a tremendous success. In particular I’d like to extend our thanks to our friends from Team Ryano and BJJ Cork who came along for all or part of the weekend. It’s always great to welcome fellow BJJ travelers into our gym and it’s great to have the support of other teams on ventures such as this. This will be quite a long report, since  Robert covered so much in the 6 sessions we had with him.

Summer Camp 2012. Back Row L-R: Tom Dargle, Stephen Finlan, Grant Carroll, Andy Brady, Colin English, Mike Colgan, Garret Muldowney, Peter Farrely, Joe Mady, Albert Winston, Eoin Markey. Front Row L-R: Martin Ward, Amanda English, Barry Oglesby, Robert Drysdale, Rowan kelly, Colm Mansfield, Nathan Kelly, Dave Reddy, Ken Cooney.

I collected Robert from the airport on Friday evening after he had traveled from Greece via Copenhagen, and lost his baggage en route. His bags would allegedly arrive at my house on Saturday morning (they didn’t) which meant that I had to give him the gift I had bought him from all the guys at Kyuzo a little early so he could have fresh clothes that night. A Kyuzo rashguard and an Irish Rugby Jersey. The rashguard was obviously for training in, but the jersey was because the Gardaí at Dublin Airport always mistook his cauliflower ears as being brought on by years of rugby and not Jiu Jitsu!

Session 1 of the camp was a nogi one, with Robert taking us through how to use the cradle position to pass the half guard, and how to bait your opponent into giving up his neck for guillotine and brabo chokes. We finished up the afternoon with some “First to score” rounds in groups, as we would in each session. There was a nice competitive bite to these, a bit more than normal! We set off for a hearty lunch (we’d need it for later) and then a rest before session 2 in the evening. This time it was Shin to Shin or Sitting Guard, where Robert showed some attacks for when your opponent is standing. The sweeps from here are interesting and unusual, and it was nice to see some of the options available. Once again we finished up with some short and intense first point rounds from the Shin to Shin position. Finally, it was on to sample some fine Irish cuisine so we’d be well fueled for the next day.

Sunday was focused on a real problem area for a lot of people- attacking from the mount in nogi when your opponent remains tight-armed. We worked on some nice methods of clearing your opponents arms to look for some nice chokes and a rolling arm bar. This was really welcome material as it focused on a problem that everyone has- whether you’re a novice or advanced student of the game. After lunch and a trip through Irish history at Glasnevin Cemetery, we put the gis back on and went through some X-Guard techniques and principles. You already know what we did to finish up- more first to score rounds! A few of us then headed to the city for The Elephant and Castle’s famous chicken wings. This may be the only camp where people actually gained weight!

For Monday, Robert had said that he would dedicate both sessions as Q&A on any topic of the game. Sure enough, everyone had a lot of questions and there was plenty of good material to go around. This session went a little longer than usual which meant that the First to Score rounds were a bit shorter this time, but I don’t think that bothered anyone all that much as bodies were getting a little sore at this stage. On Monday evening it was more Q&A, with a main focus on spider guard techniques and principles. We finished up the camp with the belt test for the 3 nominated for a new grade, and more rolling for everyone else.

2012 Promotions From Left- Dave Reddy (Blue Belt), Robert Drysdale (Head Instructor), Barry Oglesby (coach and Brown Belt), Amanda English (Purple Belt)

Robert gave out 3 new belts afterwards, promoting Dave Reddy to blue belt, Amanda English to purple belt, and me to brown belt. It has always been a joy to represent Drysdale Jiu Jitsu here and being promoted to this new level by one of the world’s top Jiu Jitsu coaches is a great honour for all of us.

I’d like to extend my thanks to all who attended the classes over the weekend, to Martin Ward for putting Robert up and his company Two Count Tees for their sponsorship of the event, to Robert himself for the excellent instruction, and to Woodstock Cafe in Phibsboro for their lunches!

Summer Camp will be back in 2013!


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