Strength and Conditioning Test Day

On Saturday 31st January 2015 there will be a Strength and Conditioning Test day at Kyuzo.

The test day will consist of a battery of strength and body composition tests for the competitive athlete, or for the results focused gym member.

The idea is to give yourself an understanding of your current levels of physical fitness. You can then use the results of the test to make appropriate goals, and direct your training and nutritional habits toward succeeding in these areas.

Starts: 11.30am until 1.30pm approx.

Available free of charge to current Kyuzo members.

Available to non-members for €60 per person. Pre-booking is required. Please contact Barry at to book a slot. Ordinarily, an assessment of this kind will cost you €95, so this is a great chance to jump in and get tested for a discounted price.

The Tests:

  • Bodyfat/Body composition test
  • Mobility/Flexibility assessment
  • Maximum Upper body strength test
  • Maximum lower body strength test
  • Muscular endurance tests
  • Conditioning test


  • To engage in the test subjects must be in good physical health.
  • Non-members must sign disclaimer document in advance of testing.


Arrive in plenty of time and be changed and ready to test before 11.30am. Early arrival will help the test proceed quickly. The body composition test will include a pinch test. The coach will need to easily access your upper arms and upper back, as well as your thigh and calf. Please do no wear tights or long sleeved rashguards/under armour. You may change into these afterwards. The mobility test requires unsupported views of the knee joints so shorts are required.

Pre-booking is compulsory! right now to book your space!body-fat-caliper

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