Some hints for Jiu Jitsu Newbies

It’s January, and while a lot of people mock those with New Year’s resolutions, it does mark a time when people start new activities. And if even a few of the people who say they’re going to start Jiu Jitsu and MMA actually follow through, then we’ll have a load of new grapplers in 2016.

So here are few bits of easy advice for the your first few weeks in Kyuzo. They’re simple and will make your transition to training much easier.

  1. If you have a facebook account, join the members group here.  You’ll find lots of advice on technique, news on the club, you can ask questions and find out about events. Mostly though, you’ll find slagging and funny memes and things that will waste time in work. But still, join. Most of us are on there.
  2. Buy a pair of flip flops. They cost a couple of euro in Penneys and they’ll mean you can nip to the toilet or off the mat without having to lace up your boots. Stick them in your sports bag and you’re done!
  3. Ignore the sore. You’re going to be in a little discomfort after your first few sessions, but don’t let it stop you from coming to the next one. Remember that you’re getting fitter and better every minute you’re training.
  4. Take some notes. At your next session, you’ll get a sheet with some of the techniques you’ll be learning. (ask for it next time if you can’t make it), but use your phone or a notepad to keep track of what you’re learning.
  5. Ask Questions. About anything. Technique, training times, equipment… just ask.

And welcome! You’re starting a great journey we promise. Have fun!


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