Short Shorts Night

Monday November 6th 2012- Beginner Nogi half guard passing, Advanced Competition Training

BOOM! Now that I have your attention, there’s some small changes to the class schedule on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Check them out here.

Last night was Old Skool night. If you had a pair of Vale Tudo shorts, you wore them! For those of you not familiar with VT shorts, back in the early days of MMA and BJJ in Brazil, you would be hard pressed to find anyone wearing long or loose shorts while training or fighting. Training Jiu JItsu was intermingled with the surf and beach culture, so a lot of it took place in short trunks. Some fighters still wear them of course, most notably Shogun Rua, but they’re out of fashion to some extent. So last night we brought them back. Well, 4 of us did anyway.

Beginners, 7pm
Tonight we worked some half guard passing for Nogi using the cradle control. The cradle works by compressing your partner’s head and knees together, weakening his ability to hold the half guard. The cradle pass gives you a lot of options to explore, but last night we focused on the sprawl with your head in his ribcage. To help you out, here are the steps again:

  1. Cradle your opponent by wrapping his head and top leg, and linking your hands using an S-grip
  2. Place your head on his sternum
  3. Sprawl backwards while keeping your hands linked together
  4. Once you’ve passed, release his leg and push both of his knees to the mat on the opposite side, but keep your control of the head- you might need that later…

The pass itself is uncomfortable for the guy on the bottom. Effective use of the cradle is great, and one of the take home lessons of Nogi training (training without the gi, or kimono) that we always emphasise is that in Nogi, the only grip you can rely on is your own hands. Your opponent will often be slippy and difficult to hold on to, so getting your hands linked together in good positions is helpful. We finished off the class with some First Point training from the half guard position, and it was nice to see everyone trying the new position out.

Colm was apparently standing on one leg when he took this!

Advanced 8pm
It was a chilly night, so rather than just jumping straight into rolling after we’d done some Q and A in the beginners, instead we did a little loosening out with some sprawls and push ups, and then played about 20 minutes of Murderball. Murderball, or at least our version of it, is where two teams try to get a 9kg medicine ball to the other end of the mats. The rules are that no one is allowed to stand up… and actually that’s just about the only rule. The victorious team took the game 3-2, and we moved onto competition style rounds. Last night we rolled for 8×5 minute rounds at a good pace before finishing with a good stretch out.

A really good session by everyone! As always it’s nice to see smiling faces arriving and leaving. A little recommendation I would have for anyone is to try to make sure to get in early. Getting a good sweat up to start training is pretty vital when the chillier evenings start kicking in, and if you need some additional foam rolling or mobilisation before starting training you can get that by coming a little earlier.

PS. The new timetable is HERE

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