Seminar and New BJJ Belt Promotions

Congrats to all of those who were promoted…

It might have been a bank holiday weekend, but it didn’t stop a huge crowd from showing up at the Robert Drysdale Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar at Kyuzo.

Just chilling during the lunch break

Just chilling during the lunch break

Robert was making his 8th annual visit to Ireland, and while he was here was teaching some of the world class Jiu Jitsu for which he is known. This year, the focus was on leglocks: legal ones for IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rules, and Nogi ones for MMA or other competitions.

The seminar was full of incredible detail on how to apply and finish these devastating submissions effectively. Drysdale is a great coach and for a guy who has been there and done that in BJJ and MMA, he is a humble and patient teacher, answering everyone’s questions no matter how simple they might have seemed to whomever asked it.


We finished up this fantastic day with a presentation of new belts to 8 worthy recipients.

Brian Murphy, Ben Rowe, Austin Lynch, and Ciaran Reay are now Blue Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Nathan Kelly, Alan Murray, and Jessica Ryan are now Purple Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Neil McEvoy is now a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Our new BJJ belts with Black Belts Barry Oglesby and Robert Drysdale

Our new BJJ belts with Black Belts Barry Oglesby and Robert Drysdale

Our congratulations from all at Kyuzo to you guys!



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