Saturdays are busy at Kyuzo!

Tomorrow is Saturday which means a busy day for Kyuzo Gym with bootcamp and fitness classes, children’s and teenage Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, and freestyle wrestling classes, and Capoeira classes all taking place.

10.30am- Bootcamp. Troy takes you through your paces in a high intensity class that uses kettlebells, free weights, punchbags and a variety of other tools to get you in great shape. This class is open to beginners and new starts for €10 per class or is included in membership of Kyuzo.

11.30am- kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. One of our most popular classes, our experienced coaches put the kids through their paces on a Saturday morning with a fun, energetic class that teaches the fundamental skills of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for self defence, competition, or just plain old fun.

12.30pm- Freestyle wrestling. Take note, there will be more of these classes in Kyuzo really soon! Wrestling is an unbelievably tough workout and a tremendous fighting skill to possess. Join Viktor and Laszlo as they take you through a training session that will improve your strength and agility and increase your wrestling skills. €10 per class for non-Kyuzo members, free to members.

4pm- Capoeira. A spectacular fusion of Brazilian culture, gymnastics, and fighting skills, coach Przemek and his team teach a fun and enjoyable class that’s guaranteed to improve your fitness and flexibility. This class operates outside Kyuzo membership so see Przemek for costs. Classes for Adults and Children.

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