Sample sparring video

A lot of people often wonder what sparring is like in Jiu Jitsu. It really varies between very light and very intense depending on the session, but the vast majority of the time the way we spar is light and with a lot of movement. In your first few months as a beginner in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, every time you roll (spar) can be like a fight, but the more you improve, the more light and enjoyable and more akin to chess the rolling becomes.

The two guys, Nate and Shafty, in this video are quite experienced, so you can see that they’re concentrating on movement and if you look really carefully, you’ll see a lot of little fights going on- for grips on the arms, or for whose legs are in the best position for example.

PS. Shafty aka Grant is one of the kid’s class coaches here, and his students are always asking to see him train, so this video is a little treat for them too. Enjoy kids!


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