Our Kids Classes Have Returned!

We’re back with a bang to start 2018!

Our kids classes have returned, and we have some space for new starts. Please note however that we are quite close to capacity and we will cap our numbers in each programme once they’re full. Here is the current situation as of January 11th regarding kids numbers, and some info on our classes.

Nursery Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class for Ages 4-5-6

Monday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 10.30am

Nursery spaces as of Jan 2018- we currently have 3 spaces available due to children graduating into the older children’s class. Please contact members@kyuzogym.com for info on how to get a free trial class for your child.

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class for Ages 7-8-9

Tuesday Evenings at 6pm and Saturday Mornings at 11.30am


Kids places as of Jan 2018- We currently have 4 spaces available in our kids class. These are expected to be filled soon. Please contact members@kyuzogym.com for info on how to get a free trial class for your child.

Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Ages 10-14yrs

Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 11.30am.

Around 5 spaces available due to some older teens graduating into our Senior group which trains alongside our Adult class. This group accepts beginners all year around and has produced many of our current adult competitors including World MMA Silver medalist Nathan Kelly, Irish Open Juvenile Champion Jordan Hanley, and many more besides. This is a great way to start martial arts. For discipline, fun, friendship, and the code of the martial artist that we encourage here at Kyuzo. Please contact members@kyuzogym.com to arrange a free trial in this class.

Wrestling for ages 7+

This is for all kids from ages 6 and up and is included in the juvenile membership. The Olympic sport of Wrestling builds total body coordination, strength, agility, and fitness.

Please note we do not accept trials in Wrestling as we prefer our kids to go into the age bracket classes above first. Entry to this class is strictly for current members only so please do contact us in advance!


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