NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Renato Canuto Visits Kyuzo

Arguably the most exciting prospect in World Jiu Jitsu right now, Renato Canuto, was in Kyuzo for a fantastic pair of seminars this month.

Canuto has set the Jiu Jitsu world alight with his spectacular style. His “No hands” flip in Kasai Pro went viral in December, right before he capped an incredible first year at Black belt to take home the Nogi world championship gold medal.

About as far from the podium in California as you can get is a nondescript industrial building in Glasnevin on a cold February evening, but it’s here that Canuto does his Jiu Jitsu when he’s in Ireland. This was his second visit to Kyuzo, having impressed with his easy manner and spectacular style in 2017.

In Monday’s NOGI session, some advanced leg drag passing was the order of the day, with Renato showing some methods of controlling the near-side shoulder to complete the guard pass. In the Gi session on Tuesday evening, we switched to passing the De la Riva guard, leg drags, and breaking grips for spider and lasso hooks in the same position.

On both nights he took some time to roll and spar with everyone in the room in a really relaxed manner. Great, fun training to cap off two excellent night’s instruction.

Kyuzo would like to thank Renato for coming to Dublin to share his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills with us!



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