New MMA Beginner Course Starts Tuesday 28th May

MMA For Beginners Dublin

*course almost full! Book before Thursday 23rd May to avoid disappointment!*

After yet another succesful run through of our beginner MMA course, we will be starting again on Tuesday May 28th. This is your chance to start training!

This class is suitable for anyone aged 15 years and upwards who is interested in training in Mixed Martial Arts and learning the skills used in competition. This is an introductory course, designed to give total beginners a start in MMA.

We get a lot of questions about what goes on in a class, so here’s a brief overview of some of the things you will learn.


Fundamental Clinch Skills- Pummelling and controlling a standing opponent. Underhooks. Cage wall fighting. Holding position, escaping off the wall. Take down defence. Takedowns and strikes.

Fundamental Striking Skills- Stance, Jab, Cross punches. Padholding and using the pads correctly. Kicking- the round kick, the teep. Knees. The Thai clinch. Defensive blocking. Parrying, slipping. Defensive blocking- checking, scooping. Combinations and counter striking.

Fundamental ground skills- Holding top position (side control). Strikes from side control position. Staying safe in bottom guard. Standing back up from grounded and against the wall. Top striking from mounted position and top guard.

Course duration- 16 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm

In addition, you will gain fitness through both the training and the conditioning element of the class. Each session is planned to not only increase your skills but also your level of fitness and strength.

Sound interesting? If you’re looking for a great club to join, with a great atmosphere, in a great fully equipped premises, then we have 3 packages for you to choose from.

Package 1- Monthly MMA only Beginner Membership- €55 per month. Entitles you to Tuesday and Thursday MMA classes in our Beginner class.

Package 2- Full Course Membership. all 16 weeks of our MMA for Beginners course, Tuesdays and Thursdays at a discounted rate of €205 for the 16 weeks (normal price €220).

Package 3- 4 months Premium Membership (usual price €300) for a discounted rate of €265. Unlimited classes in BJJ, MMA,HD Circuits, and Wrestling, plus all of the open mat hours. See our Membership page for more information on what this offers.

You can pay by cash at our gym, or you can sign up and pay now for this course using Paypal. Simply mail us and we will send you information on how to pay in advance through Paypal or credit card.

We also have some great free equipment to give away to the first few people who sign up to one of the 4 month offers.

  • Sign up for Package 1- one month of MMA for Beginners- and receive a free Kyuzo Tee shirt worth €20
  • Sign up for Package 2 16 weeks of MMA for Beginners- and receive a free pair of MMA gloves, and a free Kyuzo Tee Shirt. That’s free stuff worth €75
  • Sign up for Package 3- 16 weeks of Premium Kyuzo membership- and receive a free pair of MMA gloves, a free Kyuzo Tee shirt, and a free BJJ Gi. That’s €160 worth of free equipment to get you started training.

Student? Discounts apply for students and under 18s- mail us for more details on prices

So if you would like to join Ireland’s best beginner MMA club, just get in touch by mailing or calling 083-4259066 or select and pay for your membership below. Spaces are strictly limited on this course and we accept memberships on a first come, first served basis. We do NOT overbook our classes, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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