Monday October 9th 2012- Back Escapes

A great class tonight with great numbers in the beginner’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a great session from the guys who are training for Grapplepalooza afterwards.

We kicked off at 7pm with a good warm up focusing on mat mobility, rolls, hip escapes, and some injury prevention stuff for our necks and backs in particular. Tonight was the first evening that people walked in wearing hats and scarves, so an extra few minutes in the warm up was needed to start the session off.

Beginners at 7pm focused on escaping from one of the worst positions in Jiu Jitsu- when your opponent has your back in seatbelt control, has two hooks around your legs, and is trying to choke you. Here are the steps we took to prevent the choke and to escape:

1) Your 2 hands go to his choking arm, NOT his lower arm. Some guys will bait you with their bottom arm to get an opportunity to choke.
2) Bridge up and get your head to the mat. Remember that his choking arm “points” to the direction you want to escape. Your goal is to get your head on the side that he has the underhook on. This makes him very uncomfortable and puts his head and choking arm on the top side which makes it very difficult for him to finish.
3) Begin to walk your feet away from him, but don’t drop to your side, keep your belly high. This loosens his leg hook on the side you’re walking to. It will either come off, or you can move your hand for a moment to slap it off.
4) Once the hook is gone, put your backside on the mat, not on his leg. He’ll now do one of two things
5a) He tries to keep back control: Push his leg to prevent him coming up if he changes his mind, catch his arm in an arm drag grip and turn your belly to the mat. You should end up in top side control or reverse scarf hold
5b) He tries to scramble on top to take mount: Here he’s realised you’re a long way towards escaping and bails on back control to try to come on top in mount position. Here you close your knees for the half guard and use your top arm to underhook his leg, and scoot your hips underneath him to come out the back door and scramble for his back.

Stretching after BJJ training

In the advanced class, because we have a tournament coming up, we went for a 45 minute tap and change round. This is just 45 minutes of training where the goal is to be the first person to get a submission. Once you get a submission you shout tap, and everyone does an exercise. Last night we alternated between 10 short belly to the mat push ups and 10 jumps. Once your push ups or jumps were done you ran to find the next partner as fast as you could and tried to get a submission again. This is one of the toughest sessions we do. Because everyone wants to be the first guy to get a submission, the intensity is extremely high, and the constant go-go-go nature of the 45 minutes means it’s physically and mentally draining. Everyone kept their pace really high last night and judging by the amounts of sweat on the mats, everyone worked really hard.

Well done everyone. The next Beginner BJJ session is on at 7pm on Wednesday night, followed by competition training at 8pm.

See you there!

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