Monday Night’s Training- Back Control

Nice night on the mats last night. We covered a quick back take drill for getting to your opponent’s back from the closed guard position, then worked through the Hand to Hand Choke (aka Short Choke) and the Rear Naked Choke, pointing out little details on the techniques and on how to finish the two chokes and keep your opponent secured in front of you. Another great crowd on the mats, and it’s great to see so many guys and girls keeping the momentum up.


Remember the key ingredient to success is consistency. Turn up every night and you’ll make progress!

We then switched to the advanced class. A couple of nasty finishes from when your opponent is attempting to escape, either by shrimping downwards and away from you, or by getting their back to the mat. We finished up with some high quality sparring. Great numbers again in the advanced!

Then it was off home but only for 8 hours or so for some people! We were back up again at 6am for the fight team’s training session, working on combinations on the pads and some light core work.

early morning push ups- about as much fun as they sound

early morning push ups- about as much fun as they sound

Great work all round everyone! See you at the next session!

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