Monday Night Nogi

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class for Beginners

A nice session tonight with fewer people than usual, so we took the opportunity to work on some detail on finishing the armbar from the mount position.

Our first technique focused on controlling the arm with a two on one grip to isolate one of your opponent’s arms to catch the keylock submission. If they defend that by going on their side, we’re going to attack the top arm with the straight armbar. We focused on how to sit off to the side leaving as little space as possible before straightening the arm out. Our pressure here is key. A defending opponent will do everything possible to stop you and will use any bit of space you give them to try to execute an escape. Your job is to both deny them the initial space so that you can either control or anticipate all of their movements. Imagine that your opponent has a whole hallway of doors to choose to go through. It would be difficult to anticipate which one they will choose. But if we lock as many doors as possible, we are left with a few, more predictable, scenarios. This is what we’re trying to do with our pressure.

We spent a good hour drilling these scenarios, so we had cooled down, so then we warmed up with some Murderball…


Yeah, there’s a ball in there somewhere. We rolled for an hour after this.

Great job everyone. A really high quality session put in by all. See you Wednesday night for beginner BJJ at 7pm.

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