Monday March 12th – Beginner and Advanced NoGi

It was great to see some more new faces tonight taking the plunge into the world of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

In the beginner class we worked on taking the back from butterfly guard.  It was broken down into easily managable and understandly pieces to drill before putting it all together.  We drilled through the armdrag, then securing with the seatbelt before working on breaking your opponent down and getting the hooks.  Lastly we worked on how to finish the short choke.  Finished off with long rounds drilling through the whole technique.

In the advanced class, we rolled for five minute rounds with one minutes rest until 9:15.  Great to see some of the beginners class stay on to roll with the more experienced lads.

See you all on Wednesday in the Gi.

PS:  Barry said the following on Facebook earlier.  “To celebrate our success at the Irish Open, we’re going to restart our Free gi offer. Simply sign up for 3 months training and you will receive a free gi worth €85. Our last 5 shot out the door!”.  Let your friends know!


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