MMA Fitness, without fighting!

In our last article, we spoke a bit about how to get started with Mixed Martial Arts training. This time, we’re going to focus on you, the guy or gal who wants to get the fitness of a fighter, without actually training MMA.

We’ve noticed that there’s a huge gap between how people think the sport of MMA is trained and what training is actually like. The ordinary person might be surprised how easy it is to get started with MMA training generally, but let’s focus for now on those of you who are interested in just one aspect of our training-


So how does an MMA fighter get in shape?

Firstly, there’s the training. Regardless of what level you’re training at, you’re going to do a combination of striking training, wrestling training, and grappling training. You also may do some weighted work like bodyweight training or lifting heavy weights, and some high intensity cardiovascular training.


These have the effect of building a finely tuned, athletic physique. A fighter usually won’t have excessive muscle, as a lot of muscle uses a lot of energy. Instead, a fighter needs firm, toned, lean muscle mass.

A fighter also needs to carry as little body fat as possible. After all, excess body fat will make it more difficult to make weight, and carrying excess fat means needing more energy to fight.

With BattleFit, our Mixed Martial Arts Fitness class, we’ve removed the contact work, and kept the results. Wrestling, boxing, and grappling is replaced with medicine ball training, sled pushing, battling rope training, kettlebell swinging, and much more besides.

UFC Fighter Portraits

The effect is the same- build lean body tissue (firm, toned, muscle), burn unwanted body tissue (body fat), and feel great.

Mixed Martial Arts workouts are also fun and challenging. This is not running in place, or doing the same workout week after week. Each session is different. Each day is different. In one session you may be focusing on conditioning- fat burning cardio- and on another you may be focusing on building strong core muscles.

The second, and some say most difficult aspect of training is diet and nutrition. There are pages upon pages on how to do this in books and on websites, and still very few people get the results they want. This is because of information overload!

The best diet is one that suits you and your lifestyle. No one can force food you hate down your throat! It’s better to match your nutrition to your tastes and lifestyle. It’s not impossible to coach yourself and to do good reading on the matter, but it’s much simpler to have someone guide you through the process. A fighter’s diet is high in protein, high in vitamins, minerals, and good fats, and avoids sugary or starchy foods. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to maintain a good diet when you’re training or are working toward a goal.

battlefitClassCardDoes this sound like something you would like to do? The good news is that our MMA fitness class BattleFit is available as a Pay As You Go class for €10 a session, or you can purchase a 10 session card for €65. We can help you get incredible fitness results for the price of a large takeaway pizza.

Contact us now at or 0834259066 to find out how we can help you!

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