MMA Beginners Course Starts Tomorrow Night

Our MMA Beginner Course starts tomorrow night at 7pm. We get a lot of questions about what goes on in a class, so here’s a brief overview of your first 6 weeks with us. Check it out:

Week 1
Fundamental Clinch Skills- Pummelling and controlling a standing opponent. Underhooks. Technique- Double underhook trip.
Fundamental Striking Skills- Stance, Jab, Cross punches. Padholding and using the pads correctly.

Week 2
Fundamental ground skills- Holding top position (side control). Strikes from side control position.
Fundamental Striking Skills- Kicking- the round kick, the teep.

Week 3
Fundamental Clinch Skills-Cage wall fighting. Holding position, escaping off the wall. Technique- Leg trip off the fence.
Fundamental Striking Skills- Knees. The Thai clinch. Underhook/whizzer control.

Week 4
Fundamental Ground Skills- Staying safe in bottom guard. Standing back up from grounded and against the wall.
Fundamental striking skills- Defensive blocking. Parrying, slipping, weaving.

Week 5
Fundamental Clinch Skills- Take down defence. The sprawl. Leg split.
Fundamental Striking Skills- Defensive blocking- checking leg kicks, scooping.

 Week 6
Fundamental Ground Skills- Top striking from mounted position and top guard.
Fundamental Striking Skills- Combinations and counter striking.

There are still a couple of spaces available on the course so get in touch now to begin training.

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