Kyuzo BJJ Summer Camp Review

Thank you to all of our members who supported our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu summer camp this year!

As with last year, we few in head of Zenith Robert Drysdale all the way from Las Vegas USA to coach the camp. Robert has an incredible CV that has taken him from the Brazilian Nationals, 6 world titles, an ADCC Open Weight title, and a contract with the UFC. Kyuzo members were able to share in this experience for the 4 days of the camp. He covered everything from BJJ, MMA, NoGi submission wrestling, right through to concepts and training experiences.

Thr group lining up for training

Thr group lining up for training

We started our sessions on Thursday evening, having given Robert a chance to sleep off the jetlag during the day. We began with NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Robert shared a really simple and effective overhook/whizzer series of techniques that counteract an opponent who is trying to pass your guard with the under/over guard pass. We finished with some good training rounds, and were itching for more the next day.

Instruction on passing guard from Robert Drysdale

Instruction on passing guard from Robert Drysdale

We trained hard on Friday in the Gi, but not before we’d taken Robert to see some of the country in Glendalough. We had a nice time being tourists ourselves in and among the lakes and valleys.

Coach Barry, Robert Drysdale, and Rowan Kelly pose for the camera at Glendalough

Coach Barry, Robert Drysdale, and Rowan Kelly pose for the camera at Glendalough

Friday night’s session was a clinic on passing the half guard, and in particular using your weight and pressure as a part of your technique. Crushing neck and chest pressure was the order of the day as Robert showed incredible methods of getting past your opponent’s tricky half or deep half guard. As always, we finished off with training and Robert rolled in with our senior grades, showing them the skills and pressure he’d been talking about just a few minutes before!

Watching the new belts being presented...

Watching the new belts being presented…

... made some people very happy!

… made some people very happy!

On Saturday, we had our double session, starting with NoGi in the early afternoon. Robert continued with the wizzer/overhook guard theme of Thursday, and added in a vicious shoulder lock attack from bottom guard. In the Q&A afterward, Robert explained the difference between good and bad technique. In his definition, part of having good technique is the things that you do that cost you nothing to implement, but cost your opponent a lot of energy to combat against.

Theresa Macken locking in a keylock submission on Nathan

Theresa Macken locking in a keylock submission on Nathan

After lunch, we returned for the final session of the camp. Robert covered some counters to the Berimbolo- the rolling variation of the De la Riva guard that has become more and more popular in the past few years. Again, this was all about simplicity. Keeping good position, maintaining and playing your passing game before getting stuck in the guard game of your opponent, and then paying attention to the fine details that will allow you to effectively pass the guard. This was the most difficult session of the day, with hard rounds afterwards for our senior grades with Robert.

Someone's hands muct have been shaking!

Someone’s hands muct have been shaking! Back row L-R: Sebastien Kozok, Phil O’Connor, Adam Kearney, Lukasz Rybka, Luke Verdon, Oscar Kilbride-Conlon, Grant Carroll, Mark O’Sullivan, Keith Byrne, Joe Corcoran. Middle row L-R: Alan Murray, Michael Saunders, Austin Lynch, Theresa Macken, Rowan Kelly, Martin O’Shea, Darren Butler, Aidan Bligh. Front row L_R: Jessica Ryan, Joshua Maher, Logan Kilmartin, Barry Oglesby, Robert Drysdale, Nathan Kelly, Luke Brennan

One of Robert’s more ceremonial tasks was to test people for their next belts. On this occasion, he was able to promote Darren, Theresa, Joe, and Lukasz to blue belt, Graham to Purple belt, and Andy, Rowan, and TJ to brown belt.Getting to the next grade in BJJ is never easy, and takes a lot of patience and time. Huge congratulations to all who tested and were promoted!

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During the Q&A in the final session, Robert dealt with the question of how to train effectively with less experienced people. Some people chimed in during the conversation and a consensus emerged. In Robert’s opinion, you’re not doing anyone any favours by going light with them all of the time. This is situation dependent of course, you will approach training with someone older or smaller differently that you’d approach training with a young athletic person. But there’s no easy path in Jiu Jitsu, all belts, all achievements, and all improvements are hard-earned and developed through sweat and time on the mats. When you walk in the door with an assumption that you’re strong or fit, it’s a good and necessary part of Jiu Jitsu that someone shows you that technique can trump your strength! This gives you both a target to aim towards and can temper your ego and your assumptions about being strong or fit.

Thank you once again to all who attended and to Robert for making this such a memorable camp!

Oh, and there was just time for one more photo…


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