Kyuzo at the DCU Submission Tournament

Excellent performances and great experience for Kyuzo Jiu Jitsu team at Dublin City University this past weekend.

It was a short journey to Dublin City University Sport’s complex last Saturday as Kyuzo brought 13 grapplers to compete in the DCU Submission Only competition.

The format was based on the Eddie Bravo Invitational rules. Each match was 5 minutes long, and could be won only by submitting your opponent. In the event of a draw, a special overtime round was added whereby you started in a dominant position and then either submitted or escaped fastest. It made for an interesting and entertaining tournament.

Kyuzo had 7 debutantes in the tournament, with each of them showing excellent Jiu Jitsu skills and showing great promisefor the future of the competition team. There were debut matches for Ciaran Reay, Sarah Tyrell, and Ben Rowe. The stand out performances among the first timers were from Luke O’Dwyer who went 3 matches deep in his division, and Emily Badmaev who took home the bronze medal in her’s.

It was a big step up for Eoin Higgins who took on his first Adult competition, winning his first but being eliminated in overtime in his second. Likewise Juvenile Darragh Groome competed in the adult division and won his first before losing out on overtime in his second match.

The more experienced competitors had the opportunity to take on anyone over 4 years training. Jessica Ryan took home gold in her division after 2 submission wins, while Mark O’Sullivan and Nathan Kelly both acquitted themselves well in their brackets but missed out on the medal places.

Our congratulations to all of the guys who competed. Next up is Easter weekend in Blanchardstown, followed by the biggy- the Irish Open on May 7th. Be sure to talk to team captain Jessica about your registration.



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