Kumite MMA Fight Night Results

Kyuzo MMA Team were in Mixed Martial Arts action inside the cage on Saturday night in Belfast. Our young MMA team has been building over the course of the past year and there were debuts for Nathan Kelly and Gary Bligh, as well as a second fight in the space of a month for Austin Lynch.

First up was Lynch who came into the fight off the back of a 37 second TKO in his debut. The first round was nip and tuck as his opponent used his ground game to threaten with submissions. After a couple of escapes, Lynch began to land effective strikes and find his target. The second seemed to be settling into the same pattern, but when the fight hit the mat his opponent used impressive grappling to get a dominant position and land some quality ground and pound. Lynch scrambled and escaped but his opponent jumped on a triangle choke opportunity during the ensuing scramble for the victory. 

Kyuzo MMA, Belfast Kumite Aug14. Nathan Kelly, Gary Bligh, Austin Lynch

Kyuzo MMA, Belfast Kumite Aug14. Nathan Kelly, Gary Bligh, Austin Lynch

Nathan Kelly was up next, making his MMA debut against a more experienced opponent from Devils Fight Club in Northern Ireland. The fight was one way traffic, with Kelly securing an early takedown and utilising high pressure Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills to land strikes and finish the fight with a strong head and arm choke. Nathan is a graduate of our youth programme and will immediately be taking an MMA sabbatical as he studies for his Leaving Certificate this year! In Kyuzo, the books are as important as the fights! 

Finally Gary Bligh made his Mixed Martial Arts debut against another Dublin opponent. After some exchanges on the feet, his opponent secured a takedown which Bligh was able to stuff by returning to his feet. He then secured a takedown of his own and attempted to land some strikes. This was the story of the first round as both men tried to gain wrestling dominance with very little to separate them. In the second, Bligh began to use his boxing  and seemed to be gaining the upper hand, but his opponent immediately took the fight to the mat and was able to get back control. Bligh defended for a large portion of the round but his opponent finally secured the rear naked choke for a victory.

So 1 win and 2 losses for Kyuzo on the night, but 3 impressive performances from our inexperienced team who will be back in action soon. Better than the performances have been the great changes we’ve seen as the guys take their training seriously and have embraced the athletic lifestyle we promote here in Kuzo. Well done guys!

A reminder to you all that our Open Day is on this Saturday from 11am. Please come along to find out more about our Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Children’s Classes.

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