Kids BJJ and Wrestling Classes

Childrens Martial Arts for the Finglas, Glasnevin, and Cabra areas

Saturdays are pretty busy here. At 11.30am we start training with our younger kids, aged 4 up to 9 years old. These guys are great fun to coach and to have fun with. We then have our older kids class from 10-14 years. These guys are a little older and more serious (most of the time), so we train a little harder with them. They still find time for fun and games though.

Children’s Fitness

Each class starts with a series of gymnastic movements that we call the animal movements. Bear crawl, the gorilla walk, the scorpion walk, the shrimp, and more traditional movements such as the cartwheel, the roll, the somersault, and lots of other movements. The goal of the warm up is to improve the child’s balance, coordination, strength, and agility. This might not be a very politically correct thing to say, but we treat children like animals! They learn to move in a variety of different ways and through the games they play and the fun they have challenging themselves to do different movements, they learn how to become more athletic.


Once we’ve warmed them up, we teach a technique. This can be a trip or throw, a sweep (turning your opponent over), or a method of finishing a fight called a submission. Once the kids have practised their technique of the day we play a game or two that involves the movement we were learning.

The last thing we do in most classes is have some matches. These can be full Jiu Jitsu matches or something that works just one position. We encourage three things during matches- give it your best effort, try to do the things you’ve practiced, and to keep smiling no matter what.

Martial Arts for Discipline

Many parents enter their children into martial arts classes to teach them discipline, and there’s little doubt grappling training can help with that, however we are not a military style academy. You won’t find serious faced kids shouting Yes Sensei in here! Instead we encourage discipline through hard work and effort in each class, and personal responsibility. We don’t want exercise and training to be a chore, we want the kids to understand that exercise and fitness is enjoyable.

We have children and teenager martial arts classes in 2 grappling styles- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, 5 days per week, Monday to Thursday, and Saturdays. We welcome new members and the class is always open to new children who would like to start training.

To enroll your child in our Children’s Martial Arts programmes, or to enquire further, please mail us at We would love to hear from you and to have your son or daughter try our training for free.

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