Irish Kids BJJ Open 2012

Six of the Kyuzo kids competed at the Irish Kids Open on Saturday.  Running in tandem with the Irish Open, this event used the IBJJF rules for children to allow them to compete in the biggest tournament in Ireland to date.  The event was run specifically to give the kids a taste for competition, but in a safe, fun and friendly environment.  It was a great success with the Kyuzo team taking home five medals and everyone having some great matches and a fun time to boot.

Everyone fought well and here are details of the medal haul:

  • Jake Mahon- Gold– Junior III
  • Luke Brennan- Silver– Mighty Mite III
  • Joshua Maher- Silver– Pee Wee II
  • Max Oglesby- Bronze– Mighty Mite III
  • Logan Kilmartin- Bronze– Pee Wee II

Childrens classes run on Wednesday nights from 6-7pm and Saturday mornings from 11-12pm.  If you have an child interested in learning a fun martial art, please contact Kyuzo.

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