Irish BJJ Open 2012

On Saturday 10th March, we had ten athletes representing Drydale Jiu Jitsu Ireland at the 2012 Irish BJJ Open. 

Here are the team results:

  • Amanda English – Gold – Womens Blue Belt Light Feather
  • Amanda English – Gold – Womens Absolute
  • Adam Kearney – Gold – Teenager White Belt Rooster
  • Nathan Kelly – Gold – Teenager White Belt Light
  • Grant Carroll – Bronze – Adult Blue Belt Feather
  • Dave Reddy – Bronze – Adult White Belt Light
  • Alfred Coupeau – Bronze – Master White Belt Middle

Congratulation to everyone who competed in the biggest and best Brazillian Jiu Jitsu tournament in Ireland so far.  There was some excellent Jiu Jitsu on display and it was great to see everyone put their training and gameplans into action on the competition circuit.  

There are two competitions coming next month.

  • Sunday April 15th 2012   2nd Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Irish Cup
  • Saturday April 21st 2012   Grapplepalooza

I’ll see you all on the mats at tonights beginners class at 7pm and the advanced class at 8pm.

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