Happy 10th Birthday Kyuzo

We had a great celebration over the long weekend to mark our 10th birthday!


May 2013 was the anniversary of the formation of Kyuzo Gym in 2003. We started as a Taekwondo club training mainly children in a small Scout Den 2 nights per week. Back then we were known as K.O. Martial Arts, and were training MMA and BJJ as a sort of add-on to our Taekwondo training. By 2006 we had moved into our first ever full-time premises on Ballyboggan Road, and were training BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA full time. We were among the first BJJ/MMA gyms in the Dublin area. After 2 years in another premises as Informed Perfomance MMA, we moved to our current location on Slaney Road, and have settled here as Kyuzo Grappling Academy. We are immensely proud to be one of Ireland’s oldest MMA gyms and are looking forward to another decade serving our members.


We held a party on Friday to celebrate, and were delighted to see our members, young and old come along to celebrate with us, along with some of our ex-members, parents of children who train with us and some great friends. Thanks to our members who support the club and keep it such a fun and thriving place to train and to be a part of.


When you have been in existence for a decade, you get to know and to train with a lot of people. If everyone who has ever trained with us had come along we would have to have rented a warehouse. We have seen members  leave as their college or family life took over, but we hope that being a member here has left a lasting impression and some good memories.


We also have members now living in far flung places such as Japan, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Brazil, Finland to name a few. We thank them for their contribution over the years.


Finally, thanks to those from other clubs and gyms throughout Ireland who have been variously our friends, competitive rivals, sources of support, training partners and of course, fellow travelers on the martial arts road. We look forward to working with and competing against them in our vibrant and growing sports.

Here’s to another tremendous decade of training, learning, and growing!

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