Great Monday Night Class

We had a great class last night, We blended a bit of wrestling and a bit of Jiu Jitsu together to give the newer guys in particular an idea of how the grappling styles compliment each other. This is the last month of the 4 month Beginner Programme we started at Christmas, and as such the intensity is rising in the class. Everyone is training excellently and the progress has been incredible and a joy to watch!

Warming Up with some mat mobility drills

Warming Up with some mat mobility drills

We started with Barry showing a single leg set-up from sitting guard. Here the opponent is standing above you as you’re sitting in the guard position. This is a standard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guard drill used to trap the leg of a standing opponent. We went over a method of sitting into the single leg position, with a quick sweep/takedown from the same position by tapping the opponent’s far ankle. Our opponent’s counter to that tap is to base out further to prevent us from touching his ankle, and our counter to that is to stand up with his leg into the single leg position.

This is when we switch to our Wrestling skills and our ability to put our opponent back o the mat, and Viktor and Laszlo showed two single leg takedown variations. This is the second of the two:


We finished by drilling the position with resistance from our partner. One partner sat into the single leg/sitting guard position, and then we went live until someone scored points.

In the later class, we drilled some more single leg stuff but this time from the half guard position, and how the single leg can set up other sweeps. We finished up the class with some tough rounds, and of course, no night would be complete without some mini-football. The girls picked the teams and Team Jessica ran out the victors 10 goals to 9. We sometimes play a  little mat/wrestling football at the end of sessions as a fun cool down.

Great session everyone, and one that really set us up for the Pedro Bessa Camp on Wednesday and Thursday. If you’re coming to the sessions make sure to have the payment in advance of the classes- €30 for one day or €50 for both. It’s going to be a great couple of days of Jiu Jitsu!

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