First BJJ and MMA classes of 2013

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA

Congrats on a job well done to all of our new starts, and indeed all of our returning members who attended last night’s first training session of 2013. It was excellently attended with great attitude shown by all. We started as we mean to go on, with a good warm up followed by tough drills. No point in sugar coating it, this is a tough sport and at Kyuzo we train hard for our results. No doubt there’ll be some tired bodies after it.


The BJJ class. 7th January 2013

But if the MMA crew were tired this morning at 6am, they didn’t show it as they trained hard in their first morning session of the year. While the rest of Dublin began their commute into work, we were heading home from training ready for work, school, or for a lucky few, a nap.

A great start to the year folks. Let’s keep it up!

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