Congrats to our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Squad

BJJ guys hit the Podium at The Irish Open

Congratulations to our competitors and medalists at the Irish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open 2017 at the National Indoor Arena in Blanchardstown. We’re delighted to say that we medaled at every belt level we entered and at every age group level too.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, competitors are grouped into age brackets as well as weight categories and experience levels. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, family oriented club that everyone can join and compete in regardless of what level they’re at, so this was particularly pleasing to see.

In the Juvenile Brackets (aged 16&17) Jordan Hanley and Conor Ward got us off to a great start, with strong performances meaning they took home Gold and Bronze respectively. A great showing by the “nippers”.

The adults (ages 18-30) were next, with white belt Aaron Farrell standing out with his bronze medal in the tough Ultra Heavyweight category. Although there were early exits for Michael Thompson, Razvan Siglou, Dylan Gaffney and Mick Kennelly at white belt also, this was a tournament debut for all of them and there was a lot of potential on show for the next one. Blue belts Caimin Vaughan and Mark O’Sullivan had tough matches and exited early also, so it was left to Emily Badmaev to fly the flag, which she did excellently coming home with a silver medal. Purple belt Jessica Ryan rallied after a disappointing bronze in her division to win all of her absolute (no weight limits) matches for a gold medal. This victory means that she will travel to the European Open in Lisbon! In the Brown and Black belt female division, Amanda English made history as she took on the highest level female BJJ match ever seen in Ireland, taking a silver after a great performance.

Jessica Ryan. Irish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Purple Absolute Champion 2017- Photo Credit Ce Gordon 2017

The masters categories were next, and after a lot of hard fought matches, the medals started to flow in. In the white belts, there were golds for Padraig Nortonand Rowan Croft, with Rob Rae and Stanislav Coicain taking home bronze. Blue belts Kevin Burns and Darren Butler took home a silver each, with Ciaran Reay missing out. A great day was capped off by Ken Cooney who took gold in the Purple Belt masters division.

Jordan Hanley- irish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Blue Belt Champion 2017- Photo Credit Ce Gordon 2017

Great team work, great craic, and of course some great Jiu Jitsu was on display all day. Thanks to everyone who helped the guys prepare, and thanks to the Jiu Jitsu widows and widowers, mams and dads, girlfriends and boyfriends out there who patiently listen to stories about omoplatas and complaints about stiff muscles.

Some of the Kyuzo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Squad who competed at the Irish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open 2017

And a very special thanks to Ce Gordon, who is our resident photographer for all of these fantastic images of the day.


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