Coach’s Corner: New Female Only Course this February

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Last week I wrote a stream of random thoughts on female training and classes. I was honestly, struggling for something to write and then I read back on one of my female student’s (slightly pestering) messages about developing a female only programme. So banged out a few hundred words and that was that. Since then I’ve received a lot of messages about female training from such a wide variety of sources. Not just from women either but from fathers and partners too. The response has actually been quite surprising, and I know when to eat humble pie, so Jessica, it seems you were right! There’s a huge appetite for female training out there!

So look, we’ve put something together. I’m very lucky to have trained over the years some of the most dedicated female grapplers out there in my 3 senior girls, Amanda, Jessica, and Theresa. Amanda you may have heard about. She’s one of only two Irish women to have received a black belt (the other is Aisling Daly, former UFC fighter). Jessica is a multiple Irish Open champion, and Theresa has tonnes of not just mat experience, but real world self defence experience through her daily life too. I cannot think of a better blend of experience and technical know how to get you started in Jiu Jitsu than these three and I know the other girls in the club are looking forward to it too.

Michael getting the lapel wrap technique on Theresa -Rodrigo Cavaca BJJ Seminar at Kyuzo, Dublin on 1/7/17. Photo Credit Ce Gordon 2017

The idea is a 4 week block of classes, starting on Thursday February 1st at 7pm, and running twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays for 4 weeks. There’s no commitment beyond that. You can come, try 4 weeks, and then wave goodbye. But what we really hope is that you’ll come, do the 4 weeks and enjoy it so much you’ll stay.

And I got reminded of this after my “Simon Says” joke last week TRAMPAMOLINE!!!!

So if you are the sort of person who doesn’t want to bounce on a mini-trampoline, or on springy shoes, or if you are bored to tears by lifting things up and then putting them down again repeatedly- to music- then this might be for you. Check it out for the 4 weeks.

We’ve put a lot of thought and energy into this session and we know it will be a success. All it needs is you to come along to it. It’s €65 for the 4 weeks. It’s open to anyone 15 and over. Click here now and you’ll find out more info

In some other news Graham is putting on a new Tuesday morning class for all you shiftworkers and class skipping students out there! 10.30am on a Tuesday morning and the man himself tell me his Thursday at 12pm crew will be only delighted to have a second day. Keep an eye on the club app for details.

That’s the lot for me today. I’m off to hit the Yoga mats for my weekly dose of being embarrassed by my lack of balance!

See you on the mats!

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