Winter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp Report

January means cold, back to work/school/college, short days, and long nights. But not for Kyuzo BJJ members. For us, January means Winter Camp. Each year we bring in a top international fighter to train our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu squad and to pass on their knowledge and experience. It’s also a great chance to get everyone together for a few intensive sessions.


This January, we welcomed back Felipe Bueno, fresh from his silver medal performance at the European BJJ Championships in Lisbon. Felipe is a long time friend of the gym, first visiting us in 2013 for a holiday and training, and we’ve maintained a string relationship with him since. He trains out of Alliance Jiu Jitsu in Sau Paulo under the legendary Fabio Gurgel, so his Jiu Jitsu can be accurately described as coming straight from the source.

We started on Wednesday evening with an introduction. The theme of the entire camp, Felipe told us, was going to be back control. How to get there, how to stay there, and how to finish once you are there. ON Wednesday after a long warm up (Brazilian guys need to get really warm in an Irish winter!), we worked on regaining the back control position after an opponent’s near escape. We followed that up with sparring for 5 minute rounds, Felipe making sure that he tried to roll with a lot of people, but with 50 on the mat, that was an impossible task!

Thursday morning was for higher belts only, and Felipe opened this session up to a questions and answers format. After a while drilling the techniques that attendees asked, there were 8 rounds of hard sparring for the guys. A really tough session.


Thursday evening focused on knowing when to apply pressure, and when to switch position, particularly when your opponent is trying hard to defend your guard passes. Again, we finished with some sparring and this time, the black belts went around the room to train with some of the lighter guys and beginners.

By the time Friday came around, there were some tired bodies and luckily, the session was lighter. Felipe showed some submission from the back before opening up to some questions. Everyone was invited to ask something regardless of what level your BJJ was at. Another session that finished off with some rolling to cap off a great night.

The final session was Saturday’s seminar. The theme of the Seminar was The Path to the Back. Felipe showed how his goal position is almost always back control, and that there are several methods of trying to achieve that position from wherever you are.


The highlights of the seminar were an awesome climbing back take from when your opponent stands up, and a new twist on how to finish a bow and arrow choke. Really tight, really nasty, and really effective!


There was just one final chance to have a last meal in Ireland before the airport and back to Brazil. We’d like to thank Felipe for all of his help and his excellent instruction for the week. We really enjoyed and benefited enormously from the camp. Watching a BJJ fighter like Felipe in action was a real treat for our younger kids who also benefited from his coaching in a surprise session on Saturday morning.

Next event will be the second Copa Kyuzo, and we’re already putting some plans in place for the Kyuzo Summer Camp 2016.


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