Why we don’t do “Pay As You Go” Classes

We get a lot of requests for Drop In, or Pay As You Go type classes, where someone can pay a small fee and then train.

We don’t do these for any of our classes, whether it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, or Kickboxing. Here’s why.

Learning Martial arts is a long process, which requires two things in abundance- patience and time. If you are a student here, then you’ll be guaranteed our attention and commitment to your development as a martial artist. If we opened the class to people to just drop in every now and again, then we would spend a lot of time coaching people who simply aren’t as committed as you.

In addition, we want to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone on our mats. We coach beginners from having zero knowledge, and in your first session we teach you how to keep yourself and others safe during training. Adding people who don’t train regularly into that mix can be dangerous.

This policy means that we miss out on a lot of members. They arrive, hear that they have to sign up for a month, and then leave. We’re okay with that. We’d sooner have a smaller number of genuinely committed people.

There is one exception to this rule. We welcome visitors from other gyms when they’re in town or just for a roll. In fact if you’re in town for a night from another city or country we encourage you to visit us.

We also respect that martial arts training is something you might want to try out first to see if you like it. For this reason we offer a refund policy whereby you can get your entire fee returned if you don’t enjoy your first class.

So there it is explained. We don’t offer Pay As You Go classes because we want our committed members to get 100% of our attention. So maybe the thing to do is become a committed member for a month and see how you like it!

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