Beginner MMA Tonight

Make your way to Kyuzo tonight for MMA at 7pm. Tonight we’re starting back at the first stage in our Fundamental Striking programme.

Drysdale winning by armbar at Legacy FC

Drysdale winning by armbar at Legacy FC

Fundamental Striking for MMA follows the following structure:

1. Stance
2. Footwork
3. Movement and Positioning
4. Upper Body Strikes (punches, elbows)
5. Lower Body Strikes (Knees, Kicks)
6. Defensive actions (Blocking, Slipping, Countering)

All classes are taught by experienced coaches and fighters and are aimed at total beginners.

There are no wannabe tough guys here, just people committed to getting realistic fighting skills with the aim of self defence, competition fighting, or just fitness.

€10 per single class
€55 per month for all MMA classes with Beginner Membership
Or included in your Premium Membership

Don’t wait. Start tonight.

Be there for 6.50pm ready to train! New starts always welcome!

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