6 New BJJ Blue Belts at Kyuzo

Gettting a new belt in Brazilian Jiu JItsu is a real rarity. Many martial arts have grading systems that show progress with perhaps 10-12 different coloured belts, and the average time to the coveted Black Belt is around 4 years.

In BJJ, because of the nature of the martial art, the time to Black Belt averages out at around 10 years, and there are only 4 stages in total.

White Belt- When you walk in the door first, you’re one of these. This is the beginner level.
Blue Belt- A recognition that you have mastered the fundamentals of the art.
Purple Belt- At this stage, you are developing the finer points of Jiu Jitsu.
Brown Belt- The final stage before black. Here you’re mastering the fundamentals and developing your own style of how to implement your techniques.
Black Belt- A recognition that you’ve reached a level of competency and understanding of the martial art. But the learning doesn’t stop here- most say it only starts.

Last Friday, those who wanted to progress from white to blue belt were asked to spar continuously for one hour against fresh opponents each time. Then, there was 45 minutes of demonstration of technique for each person. It was a tough evening, and not everyone received a belt. Those who didn’t will be back stronger next time without a doubt.


For those who were successful, it was a milestone on their Jiu Jitsu journey. They say “A Black Belt is Just a White Belt Who Didn’t Quit”, and we might say the same about our new Blue Belts. Everyone walks in the door as a novice White Belt, looking at the Blue Belts as the next step up and thinking “How will I get to that level?” The answer is simple, continue to train hard and regularly and with guidance, enjoy your time and the journey, remember it’s not a sprint, and the process will take care of itself.

So we might say; A blue belt is just a white belt who didn’t quit, a purple belt a blue belt who didn’t quit, a brown belt a purple belt who didn’t…

Congratulations to Mark O’Sullivan, Grzergorz Broda, Keith Byrne, Rory Downes, Martin O’Shea, and Darragh McCarthy on their blue belts, and Oscar Kilbride-Conlon on his promotion to Orange as a Juvenile. It was also an excellent evening with packed mats and pizza and drinks afterwards for everyone as we rounded out 2015 in style.


About Kyuzo: Kyuzo is one of Ireland’s oldest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts clubs. We train beginner adults in MMA and BJJ in our full time facility in Glasnevin, Dublin. We have a successful Children’s programme that takes kids of all ages from 4 and upwards. Seewww.kyuzogym.com or our Facebook page for more details, or emailmembers@kyuzogym.com for membership.

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